Registration Check-In ... June 1, 2018 (Fri) 12:00 noon - 6:00 pm
Teams allowed to have someone check-in for them, provided signed waivers are  submitted and we are notified by you personally of  whom is allowed to receive your tackle packs, etc.

PAYPAL entrants that issued no prior waiver, must sign one at Check-in or email one. WAIVER pdf

Takeoff and Weigh-in   (No Takeoff)      
All teams may launch from ramp of their choice and allowed to trailer back if preferred.

Depart from Ramp (May idle out to limits of immediate No Wake Area for Take-Off).

Teams trailering back to weigh-in, must be in trailer arrival line no later than Weigh-in time. A staff personnel will be going down the line. Please have your Team card you received, ready to show in order to provide a speedier check-in. Please return card.

Boats arriving by water for weigh-in, must display their card to Staff upon entering cove, and will be considered in once within 100 yards of Martin Landing entrance.

No Excuse for late afternoon check-in arrivals. (Cell phone satellite time)

Wiggly Wart Division ...
Depart from Ramp area at 5:50 am - Start Fishing 6:00 a.m. -  Weigh-in at 11:30 am
Wiggly Division is allowed in addition to standard lures, etc. to use earthworms, No other live or dead bait allowed.

Fire Tiger Division ......
Depart from Ramp area at 5:50 am - Start Fishing 6:00 am and Weigh-in at 2:00 pm
This division cannot weigh until after Wilggly Wart Division has been weighed.
2018 Youth/Adult Grand Challenge
June 2nd (Sat) - Grand Lake - Martins Landing
4-Bass Limit